Fall 2012 Update
Hey there, and thanks for stopping by! With Andrea and I welcoming a new family member into this world, I'll be taking a short break from performing out in the Portland area. Hopefully you'll see me out and about in Spring 2013. Have a great holiday with the ones you hold dear.

Mr. Ekstam

Album Release Show @ Artichoke
Saturday, June 2nd

Admission is $15 and you get the album!
Also performing: HaléLupé, Jake Kelly and Daniel Cecil
Doors @ 7:30pm, Show @ 8:00pm
To save a spot for yourself, please call Artichoke Music during regular business hours.
Phone: 503-232-8845 (Website)
Address: 3130 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland, OR

Yay, the new album has arrived!

Well, the new album Winter Is Here, Watch The Sun is finally done and ready for deployment. It was a long journey for this release. It goes back to 2008, when my good friend Ken Tluczek (bass player) moved to Portland. We played out a bunch and actually almost completed recording a full set of songs. As the winds of changes came through, Ken had to move back to Arizona. With that and other life changes, those recordings never came to fruition. This also started a 2-year period where I didn't really play out. Just needed a set break, if you will. With the early spring of 2011, I got the bug and started playing out again.

Recording for Winter Is Here, Watch The Sun began in August of 2011. I ended up having to completely re-record 7-8 songs from scratch. Choosing to be the sole tracking/editing engineer was a ton of work. But it was an experiment. I really liked the idea of being the only one in the room making all of the technical and creative choices. Although I may not always do it this way in the future, I learned quite a bit. Not only about all of the technical stuff, but also about how I like to make music. I've always found that changing things up just gives a different, more meaningful perspective. I got that, and more, of which I'm eternally grateful for.

I'm really proud of this collection of songs and how they turned out. And really proud of all of the people that were involved (other musicians, mixing engineer, mastering engineer, visual artists). They all did tremendous work and helped enable these songs to become what they became. All of their names and contributions are listed below.

It would make my year if I could somehow get this album to you, to show you all of the work we did. If any of the options on the right don't work for you, lemme know!

Mr. Ekstam
May 6th, 2012

Thank you bodaciously talented people!

Matt Berger: Drums, Percussion
Aubrey Webber: Cello
Ken Tluczek: Bass

Larry Crane: Mixing Engineer (site) @ Jackpot! Recording Studio (site).
Jeff Stuart Saltzman: Mastering Engineer (site).

Ashley Barlow: Cover/Booklet Artwork (site).
Tara Marsh: Back, Inside and CD Artwork.
Andrea Ekstam: Booklet Photograph.

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